working at the group home

For some reason, I have a hard time saying no when asked to pull additional shifts at work.  normally, since I work in the day program. I work strait day shift with weekends and holidays off.  However, my company also has some group and residential homes that need to be staffed 24/7

Lately the homes have had a great turnover in staff and they have been in need of people to fill in.  I was asked last week if I could work this Sunday from 3-10 pm.  I had an appointment with my stake President at 3 so I told them no but then they asked me to come in at 5 and so I said I would.

The appointment with the Stake President never took place because after waiting a full hour to see him (he was behind by more than an hour with his appointments) I finally gave up and went home to get ready for my shift.

Working at the group home is in a lot of ways working in a small nursing home.  People have to be fed, changed, bathed, etc.  I have been spoiled with day service.  Because while there are people who have to be fed and changed, they are the minority rather than the norm and there is no bathing or dressing for bed or for the day.  There is also no cooking and laundry and less cleaning.

Before I worked the shift, I had actually thought of doing a once a week shift there a long with my day service shift because it would bring me to 60 hrs instead of 32/  However, once I did it. I am starting to reconsider.  Not because it was bad but just because I found a deeper appreciation for day service.

On another note, I have found myself extremely tired lately and not sure what to do to get more energy.