Why we don’t believe!

santa claus

When I was a little girl I believed in Santa Claus. Believing in him didn’t do me any harm and I wasn’t really that disappointed when I found out he wasn’t real. So I had planned on keeping the tradition of believing in Santa when I became a mother.

Then I got married and things changed. My husband had a more difficult time with his experience of believing in Santa than I did. When he found out that Santa wasn’t real he wasn’t only disappointed but he was angry that his parents lied to him. He vowed never to lie to his children about Santa Claus.

I knew someone else who decided that since his parents lied to him about Santa they must have lied to him about Jesus and he stopped believing in Jesus as well. So I began questioning weather or not I should teach my children to believe in Santa.

When my first child was born I started to teach him of Santa Claus. I thought it would be fun to keep the tradition alive but even as a very young child he had many questions. “Why does Santa give some people a lot of expensive presents and others don’t get as much or even anything” “We don’t have a chimney how will he get in?” and so many more questions that I decided that maybe my husband was right and telling my children that there was a Santa Claus wasn’t the best thing for our family. So I stopped, My other two children were never told by me or my husband that Santa was real.

I taught my children how the legend of Santa began and I did research on Santa and told my children of these things, all the while making Christ to be the real hero of Christmas instead of Santa Claus.

At first, I was open with my friends and neighbors about how I decided to not lie to my children about Santa and I was greeted with ridicule and judgement. Some people told me that I was taking away the magic of Christmas from my children.

I stopped talking about this to other adults and only taught my children in my own home that Santa was a fun myth that people liked to pretend about. I played the real and pretend game asking: ” is Santa real or pretend ?” Is Jesus real or pretend? and so forth.

When you ask my children now if it ruined their Christmases to not believe in Santa they will tell you no. Did it take away the magic? no the Magic is in Christ and the great sacrifice he gave for each of us.  The magic is in giving to others and watching their lives be enriched because of us. The magic isn’t in Santa at all, it’s in the true meaning of Christmas.

Just because this has worked for my family doesn’t mean I think others are wrong for not choosing this path. I just feel that every family is different and every situation is different and that we have to make decisions that are best for us and our individual situations.

Do I regret not teaching my children that Santa is real? No. I feel my children have been better off for it. So that is why we don’t believe in Santa but Instead in Jesus Christ, out Lord and Savior!

Mary and Jesus