When its Friday the 13th all bets are off

lucky day

I have never been a superstitious person and I have always prided myself on that.  I have broken mirrors without any more bad luck than usual. I owned a black cat who was the best cat I have ever had.  I have even opened an umbrella inside the house.

But I am starting to change my mind about one superstition however.  Two years on Friday the thirteenth, 3 people in my department at the job I was and still am working at were fired and two others written up.  Though this did not effect me directly, it did cause some stress in the work place.

Other years little small catastrophes have happened to make it an all around crappy day and today, so as not to change the tradition, I had the craziest day ever!

It all started this morning when my co-worker, C, called off.  It was to be her last day and as luck would have it, she had a family emergency and didn’t come in.  I was asked to do my regular transport and someone else s transport so my boss could do the van route.

That was all fine and good except picking up four different people all over the county put me late getting to the office and I almost missed the para transport bus carrying one of my clients.  This is bad because if we aren’t there when they come, they leave and the person doesn’t get dropped off.   I fortunately got there before the bus left.

The rest of the day was fine.  We decorated Christmas cookies and made a card for my boss but things got bad again when my boss remembered she had a meeting and needed me to drive the van route.  I hadn’t planned on doing this until Monday but gladly agreed as it would give me less to stress over the weekend about if I already had the experience of driving.

So I started out.  Everything was fine.  I thought it was going well when I needed to pull over for a minute and got stuck.  I was trying not to panic and to reassure my clients at the same time.  Finally 6 big , strong, burly, good Samaritans pulled over and helped pull the van out.  The whole ordeal took a good 45 minutes which put me late getting everyone home.

Friday 13

I’m just glad it’s over.