War and peace

I have been trying to figure out a way to make peace with a family member for years, I have read books. Gone to counseling and talked to my stake president all to no avail

This year for thanksgiving, our family spent the holiday at
my parent’s house

I feel like this trip got me closer to my resolve to forgive and let go . However while I was making peace with one family member, I seemed to be at war with another- I ended up over reacting and going to my sister in law’s house for dinner instead of staying at my parent’s.

I hate that I do this and wish I could overcome my anger issues and the fact that I am so quick to over react . Other than that, the trip was good and I was even able to meet up with a former high school friend.20131129-212016.jpg

1 thought on “War and peace

  1. It was SO fun to get together with you! Thanks for posting our picture! It’s so fun getting to know you and your family better! Great therapy for me! =)

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