Yesterday, in Relief Society the lesson was on teaching children the value of work.  There were some old ladies in there talking about how their kids know how to work because they taught them and they can tell whether parents taught their children or not by the work ethic they have as teens and young adults.

I felt like the worse mother in the world.  I give my children chores, we do house work as a family on Saturdays, I reward them and praise them for a job well done even the littlest effort gets praised and still I have at least one maybe two out of the three that WILL NOT work.  I almost walked out of the meeting because I felt like such a bad mom.

Well, tonight was just another “see you are a bad parent” moment.  I have always prided myself in having scripture study every morning with my children and family home evening every week but last week and then again tonight my kids refused to have family home evening and this morning no one was willing to read.

Last week it was because my daughter had too much home work and tonight they were all fighting and tired and wanted to go to bed and tonight we were going to put up the Christmas tree and decorate for Christmas and they still refused.

How am I supposed to do as the Lord commands if my children outright refuse?  When they were little they loved family home evening now they would rather go to bed then be anywhere as a family.

So that’s my pity party and rant session for the night.  I just don’t know what to do anymore.