To go or not to go

This morning I am pondering a question that has been on my mind most of last night:  What do you do when two people pray for the same thing but get different answers?

My Brother is getting married on July 5th and we were planning on attending the wedding.  However, we are having car trouble and I am in a terrible depression and I decided that we should pray about it as a family. The kids said they didn’t receive answers but My husband Kim and I got different answers.  I felt so much peace when we decided to stay home and so much turmoil when we talked about going.

Kim’s prayer was answered through the Bishop who told him we should go.  Where does one draw the line on what a Bishop can receive revelation on in their personal lives?  I really feel strongly that if I go I will do or say something that will hurt someone while we are there.

How do I know what to do?  I really don’t think going is a good idea.  How do I find an answer that everyone will agree on?