Tis the season

I love Christmas.  I love everything about it, with the exception of driving in the snow.  I especially love the music and lights and the feelings of love and kindness everyone goes out of their way to express this time of year. Christmas tree

This evening My family attended a stake sing in.  It is an annual event that I also love very much.  Each ward choir sings a Christmas hymn and then in between the ward performances the congregation sings selected Christmas music as well.

This even always gets me ready for Christmas in a more spiritual way then putting up a tree or going shopping does.

Today at church I actually attended every one of my meetings and I loved everything about it.  The Bishopric spoke in Sacrament meeting about Christs birth.  The spirit was so strong and again, the Christmas music got me more in the mood for celebrating with my own family.

I feel happy tonight.  there is no anxiety and I just feel so at peace with myself.  I love feeling this way.