Thinking positively

positive thinking

Yesterday, I was sitting in Sacrament meeting feeling really good.  I remember hoping that I wouldn’t work myself up over some incident or person and cause my good mood to diminish.  I even talked to a friend about how to keep my spirits from falling. This friend told me to validate or as we say it in recovery; endorse.  I decided that I could spot and endorse on a good situation just like I would a bad situation so that I could work out in my mind how to stay on top of my emotions.

Today at work, I had a substitute driver with me because my co-worker, Elena was in training all day today and will be tomorrow also and she talked about how much we control what happens to us by what we say to ourselves and what we think.  Just like Sunday, when I told myself positive things in order to avoid having a hard day, I can do that all the time to keep myself upbeat and happy.

Here are some spots that I came up with that help me remember to stay positive in my thoughts and self-talk:

Muscles teach the brain, and the brain, enriched by knowledge, guides the muscles.
We can control our speech muscles.
Have you endorsed (validated) today?
Our supreme method is self-discipline.
anticipation is nothing harmful, but it must be calm and not fearful.
fear and faith cannot exist int he same mind at the same time
If nervous ailment persists beyond a reasonable time, its continuance, stubbornness and ‘resistance’ are produced by continuing, stubborn and ‘resisting’ thoughts and beliefs
….a setback disappears in minutes—perhaps in half an hour, but usually in minutes, frequently in seconds—if you expect it and don’t let it alarm you.
We can expect disappointments and we will not be disappointed
We learn the method by repetition.
Without decisions, plans, action and initiative, there is no possibility of developing pride, self-reliance and self sufficiency.”
… motionless sitting, gives instant relief which at first is brief, but then lengthens and lengthens and produces a real sustained relief.

I was able to make it through my day yesterday and today and keep my outlook positive just by controlling my thoughts. I know I can keep this up if I practice the skills I have learned.

no negative thoughts