the truth shall make you free.

 in John 8:32 it says “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” As I read this chapter I realized that what it means is that knowing the truth of the Gospel and of Christ will set us free by helping us gain more truth and learn to live righteously within that truthtruth set free

But I always think of it as meaning that telling the truth will set you free.  I have a secret that has haunted me for some time and I feel trapped and like I don’t understand most of it myself.  I am afraid to talk about it for fear that talking about it will cause pain to me or those I talk to about it, like the truth could only hurt those I care about the most so how is it that telling the truth or sharing the truth of my secret can set me free and hurt others at the same time?

As I ponder and pray about this dilemma I wonder if telling the truth or revealing my secret is the right answer or if just know that God knows and that he can make it all right if I go to him will be enough.

I know that the scripture isn’t actually talking about us revealing our deepest secrets to another person as a way to be set free but I feel that in a way it includes that.  If we are honest and truthful about everything in our lives including the things that we fear will hurt us or others if they are let out, we can actually feel our burdens lifted.  I have told secrets before to Bishops and other trusted people and know that I feel so much lighter when I do so, especially if the person I tell has the authority and power to help me make it right.

In this case, my secret isn’t something I need to confess to a member of the clergy but it is something that is making me feel insecure and frightened.  I told my mom most of it and it helped to talk to her because I know that she loves me and doesn’t judge me and she helped me figure it out for the most part, now I think I just need to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help me figure out the rest so that I can be set free and feel lighter.