The Little miracles that let me know He cares!

tender mercies

It’s amazing how something that seems insignificant and small to everyone around me can have such a profound impact on my testimony.  Today such a thing happened to me.

I have written on here before about how I get mixed up easily when trying to find new locations or even taking a new route  to a place I’m familiar with.  Today  one of my clients forgot his lunch and wanted me to go back to his house to get it.  For normal people, this would not be a problem but for me since I only l know the route in order of who I pick up, going back after picking up two others in different cities caused me great stress.  I’m not sure why this is such a hard thing for me but it is.  I have a GPS that I could use but it was dead and I had left my charger home.

I said a prayer that the GPS would work long enough to get me to where I was familiar with.  It was weird because the GPS wouldn’t even turn on because it was so dead and as soon as I asked my heavenly Father to make it work just enough to get me where I am familiar with, it sputtered to life and worked only long enough to get me to where I suddenly, knew where I was then it stopped working again.

I have such a hard time with depression and feeling lovable but so many times in my life, Heavenly Father has helped me by sending very small and seemingly insignificant tender mercies my way that have helped me so much and made me realize that he knows who I am and what I need.  Making a machine work that takes a little stress off of my mind so that I can get the job done that is expected of me was one way that he Showed me his love and concern for me but I have tender mercies  on a near daily basis.  Just little simple things that show me that even though I don’t always feel loveable or important he loves me and is there to help me succeed