the art of random thinking

Here are some random and totally unorganized thoughts that I have been having today:

weren't afraid


As I have pushed through the fear and done things I never thought I would need or want to do, I have found strength peace and power that I never thought I would find.  There is something really pleasant about strengthening yourself in areas that used to be weak and even scary.   I find as I have done this, that life has felt happy to me for know apparent reason and I think It’s because I am growing and improving in big ways.



Jesus hug


I attend a special needs institute class with my clients at work twice a week.  It is like attending Primary and is very basic but I always get a great reminder of my Savior’s love for me when I attend and it helps me remember the basics of the Gospel







I think there is an art to being insane; It takes a certain kind of genius to be truly mad.  Most of the great geniuses we read about were in some way mentally ill.

I am not saying that I am a genius or even smart for that matter but if I am truly crazy as people think I am, then I feel that I have also got to have a certain amount of intellect behind that madness.  I think intelligence and insanity go hand in hand most of the time







friendship gone badI have been thinking a lot about a couple of friends of mine.  It seems like, in this friendship I have with them, I am the one that initiates everything.  If I need to talk, I ask, If I want to go out, I invite, If there is anything I want or need from the  friendship, it has to be me taking the initiative. It’s almost like they don’t care about talking, going out or being friends at all so my question is this: 

If I am the only one in a friendship with another person who takes the initiative to do things with the other person, does that mean that maybe the friendship isn’t a two way thing and should be absolved?



There is something I want so much but it doesn’t belong to me and I know I will never get it but I think about it all time, I want it, I desire it, I even covet it. Since coveting is actually against the commandments, how do I stop coveting something that I really want but know I can never have?thou shalt not covet

Is it a simple matter of changing my thoughts, counting my blessing and praying for help or is there something a little more complex about this?







Before-And-After-Weight-Loss-6_fullI think the greatest compliment you can pay to most women is asking them if they have lost weight and telling them that they look like they have lost it.  This happened to me recently and it really did make me want to try harder to shed pounds.  I felt more confident know that someone has noticed that I am looking thinner.






Today at work, I was surprised when my boss asked me to be in charge while she is on vacation.  She said she trusts me the most of any of the employees so she wants me to be the go to person while she is away and I will get a bonus for it.  It made me feel really good to know that she thinks I can handle it now hopefully I can.bonus