Spotting on my daughter buying my husband a souvenir from DL and not me

Situation:  My daughter went to Disney Land and brought back something for her friends and her dad but nothing for me.

Thoughts:  She likes him (her dad) better than me
She hugs him, talks to him and buys him stuff but not me
Am I a bad mon?

Impulses: cry, tell her off

Feelings: jealousy

Sensations racing heart
head throb
uncontrollable crying

Spots: We tend to interpret and draw damaging conclusions.
intellectual blindness to the other side of the story
People do things that hurt us not TO hurt us
She’s a teenager
I can’t control outer environment I can only hope to favorably influence it
a sense of humor is such a strong antidote against fear.
There is no uncontrollable impulse, just an impulse that is not controlled.
The realist is inclined to control his feeling and thought responses; the romantic and intellectual tend to express them
We are not responsible for the flair (temper), but we are responsible
for working it down.
Refuse to pamper your feelings and coddle your thoughts.
I don’t need to be a saint, hero or angel.
Put the averageness in and take the danger out
We suffer from high suggestibility, where the first thought that
is accepted is one of insecurity. Treat mental health
as a business and not as a game.
a human being has the power to choose what to believe and what not to believe. This power to choose is called the Will.”
Once you think of yourself as being a victim, you will not try to seek help from your inner environment, from yourself.
Thoughts and impulses can be controlled; feelings and sensations must run their course.


I spotted
I calmed myself down
I talked to my daughter calmly