Spotting on anxiety over driving van

Situation: I have great anxiety that interferes with everyday life over me having to drive the van at work

Thoughts : What if it takes me forever to learn the route without GPS?
What if I get in a wreck or get a ticket?
What if E makes fun of me?

Impulses: Cry
Quit job
refuse to drive van
find a different job

Feelings: fear

Sensations head throbs
heart palpitations
changes in breathing


Will to effort over the will to fear.
Fumble but function
Temper has duration. Emotions have very little duration.
Everyday life is full of frustration and disappointment.That’s average.
It’s only thoughts and beliefs that create nervous symptoms
Unrealistic expectations bring disappointment.
“….a setback disappears in minutes—perhaps in half an hour, but usually in minutes, frequently in seconds—if you expect it and don’t let it alarm you.”
Only compare yourself to how you were before recovery.
Temper is “I don’t like, I don’t want, this shouldn’t be”