Siblings are forever

Grace and AlexI think it is the dream of most mother’s that their children become friends with each other and it’s hard to take when they don’t get along or seem to even like each other. I get envious when I hear that other children are close with their siblings, when my two youngest children seem to hate and resent each other. I have been praying and putting their names on the Tesiblingsmple prayer roll for a long time, hoping that they would learn to love each other and become friends.

Yesterday, my daughter came home from Upward Bound, A program she is involved with where she lives on campus for a month of intense academic school to help prepare her for college. She told me that during the week, she had gotten frustrated with her room mate and with the program in general and came home tired and frustrated. She was greeted by her younger brother who listened to her and gave her a hug. She told me that she was surprised at how non judgmental and caring he was to her and how she realized that she could actually have a friend in him.

M y heart rejoiced as I started to realize that maybe my prayers are being heard and answered and maybe this is a start of a great friendship between these two.I hope so because as I tell my children frequently, friends come and go but your siblings are in your life forever and when you are feeling all alone like you don’t have friends, you have them. I also wish that I had heeded my own advice and become closer to all of my siblings than I am.

I hope that my children continue to grow in their relationship with each other and realize that siblings are forever and can make awesome friends and support groups!