Random Thoughts

The first thought that went through my head when I woke up this morning is when can I take a nap?

I hate being so tired a the time


I really need to find a new job.I think

I ticked off D again

I wish S wasn’t quitting, things are going to be crazy there now.

Why can’t the snow be warm?

I had a dream about a little girl with a kind of strange name. the name was Klaycie

I wish cars could fly or at least levitate

I really admire the women who can take care if their disabled children for 65 + years and do it patiently: I worry that mine are never going to move out

playing go fish can be a very aggravating game if you play it several times a day

How old is too old to sit on Santa’s lap?

If I have one more thing that I have to do this week I am going to need a time machine to get it all done.

I sure have been meeting a lot of angels disguised as strangers lately