Random and unorganized thoughts for today

“Have you ever wondered why when there is a job to do in an organization, only a few people feel that its their responsibility to show up and help? Don’t they understand that many hands makes lighter” work?

“I love to sit in the chapel at the hospital after my therapy appointments its very peaceful and calming in there”

“why is it that men and women can’t be friends without everyone thinking it will turn sexual or inappropriate? Why can’t they just be friends?”

“I like putting my 20 plus nativity sets up this time of year even though my kids think I should wait until after Thanksgiving”

“The more I accept myself the less I need others to accept me”

“The biggest lie I tell myself is that I don’t have to write that down because I will remember it”

“I am so glad that God gave us spouses. I can’t imagine life without my husband in it”

” Some days I really do see the wisdom in animals who eat their young…Today is one of those days”