My safe place


It’s quiet here
the way I like it
it’s peaceful
and serene
It’s hopeful here
the way I need it
It’s calming
and its clean
I come here
to ponder
I come here
To pray and think
It’s a place
That’s very safe
for me
It’s lonely here
and fairly empty
cause there is
no one here
but me

Survival of the Eagle

The Eagle hid in the
dark abyss
waiting for his
wing to heal
Alone and tired
He feels like
He’s stuck
where he is
but he’s
not crying
He’s wounded
and sad but
He’s still strong
and he’s still proud
and no one
can take that away
He feels angry
and feels like fighting
but he’s not crying
In his mind he’s flying
He’s surviving

By Kimberly

I’m Still here

Our connection extends
beyond space and time
It is unexplainable
It is undeniable
and it is unforgettable
There is a time for every purpose
therefore, no person can be broken
We are just as we should be
Who are we to say otherwise?
Accept this in yourself
accept this in others
we are here to live
we are here to learn
we are here to love
Maybe love can now release the fear
Maybe love is tearing down the wall
You’ll see; I’m still here

by Kimberly


I used to believe

I used to believe in forever
until you showed me
it wasn’t real
I used to believe in friendship
until your betrayal
taught me not to feel
I used to believe in happy endings
until you let me know
they aren’t true
I used to believe in so many things
I used to believe in you

by Kimberly


Burned Bridge

I may have drawn up the plans
but it was you who lit the match      burning bridges
and Now I watch
from the other side
of the burning bridge
as you disappear from my life
The smoke is suffocating
the flames burn my eyes
But there is nothing I can do
to bring you back
So I sit alone in my pain
and hope it soon heals

by Kimberly