Parent Teacher Conferences and a lost/found wallet


Parent Teacher conferences were this week.  One at the high school on Wednesday and one at the Junior high yesterday.  I always dread the one at the Junior High because that particular child is pretty much a straight D student.  Whereas my high schooler is not only a straight A student but she punishes herself if she gets as low as an A- in anything.  Which an be stressful in it’s own right.  The parent teacher conferences for my son went better than expected.  His teachers all love him and are willing to help him, he just needs to turn in his assignments.

Sometimes I wish my children could be more in the happy medium range instead of so extreme.  Grace gets so stressed out about school and thinks she is failing if she gets an A- and Alex is perfectly happy with Ds because they are not Fs.

So yesterday, was an extremely busy day; driving from place to place after work.  I started out at the Doctor’s office for appointments for my son Alex and myself.  Then headed to the lab for blood work and then to the pharmacy and then the school for parent teacher conferences.  When I got home from all of that, I discovered that my wallet was missing.  I checked the car and called all the places I had been to that day.  No one however, was able to find it.  I decided to go out and retrace my steps to see if i could see it.  By this time, most of the places I had been were closed but I still tried looking in parking lots and sides of streets where I had walked.  Many prayers were offered and I kept hoping that it would be found.

Still I felt discouraged that I might not find it, So I called and cancelled my credit and debit cards,  Soon after that, I received a phone call from my daughter saying the police had dropped off my wallet.  Apparently it had been dropped in a parking lot somewhere and someone turned it into the police.  With gratitude in my heart, I said a prayer of thanks, feeling much relieved that I didn’t have to replace my driver’s licence, insurance cards and other things that were in there.

I am grateful for the honesty and integrity of whomever it was that took the time to turn my wallet in to the police so that it would get back to me safely.  I wish everyone was that honest.