No Greater Joy

In 3  John 1:4 we read:  I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.  Jesus and the children

I had an experience this week where this scripture really jumped out at me.  First, I’ll jump back 16 years.  I had a really good friend  who was in leadership in my ward and very active in the church.  She had a daughter about seven months after I had my daughter.  I was so excited that we had little girls so close together and I was sure these two little girls would be best friends their whole lives.

However, when they were still small my friend moved away and later we moved as well.  Even though we and our daughters stayed in touch for a while, it didn’t take long for circumstances and distance to  pull us a part from each other.

My daughter recently got in touch on social media with this  young friend whom I will refer to on here as, Ashley.  She found out that Ashley’s parents are  divorced and that Ashley is now an atheist.  I also found out that my friend’s other four children who are older than Ashley are no longer in the church either. I talked to my daughter about this and I realized how fortunate our family is to still have our children active and faithful in the church.  Sure, they make mistakes and have times of doubt but I watch as they continue to grow and strengthen their testimonies and I delight in seeing them walk in truth.  I know this can change at some point but I hope that they will always stay strong and follow our Heavenly Father’s plan.

I took my daughter to a Relief Society fireside recently where the great great grand daughter of Joseph Smith spoke to us.  My daughter came home feeling the spirit with her testimony strengthened.  She said to me:that she knows the church is true and that talk reconfirmed it in her mind. I could tell she felt the spirit.

Last week, my daughter was feeling bad that her friends were asked to prom and she wasn’t so I prayed that a boy would ask her to prom and this week someone did.  It made me realize that Heavenly Father knows and loves us so much that he will even help us with even the seemingly insignificant things that are important to us.  I hope my children can learn this about God also.