New Goals for a New Year



This is the time of year that I usually reflect on the previous year and set goals for the new year.  This year, however, My mind and heart have been racing with debilitating anxiety and it has been hard to focus on what goals I want to set for myself.  I am worried about starting back to school and there have been some things going on at work that have me anxious and worried as well.  I thought I would focus first on the resolutions I set last year at this time.

I set a goal to attend a fitness class headed by a personal trainer and I did do that for a short amount of time but I ended up letting my fitness center pass expire due to a lack of funds to keep it going.  I really wanted to lose weight in 2014 and even without the class I did accomplish that.  Most of my weight came off during the latter part of the year but I started 2015 two sizes smaller than I started 2014 and for that I am extremely happy.  My goal this year is to continue to lose weight (about 30 lbs More) and do all I can to keep it off.

I started school in the year 2014 as well, So far I have been doing okay in my class but I am extremely anxious about continuing to do well and keeping up with the assignments.  I have to confess I didn’t study as well over the Christmas break as I would have liked to.  My goal is to budget my time and get more organized so that I can keep up with the class with less anxiety about it.

In 2014, I became assistant manager at work, and made some great strides with my job but right now there is a lot of stress at work and I am not finding my job as satisfying as in the past.  I am in fact worried about how I am doing and if I am even going to be able to keep the job.  I need to figure out what changes I have to make to do better there and to lesson some of the stress that is causing a lot of my anxiety.

I need to figure out how and when to fit exercise and Temple attendance into my already packed schedule.


So I resolve in 2015 to:

Make time for myself so that I can de-stress and focus on the important things in my life.

Make time for my husband and children and not neglect them while I pursue my education and career goals.

Make time for spiritual pursuits and getting closer to my savior

take my meds, exercise and keep my weight at a healthy number.

learn to relax and not obsess so much about things.


I will do this by:

Attending the Temple at least twice a month

exercising at least 3 times a week.

reading my scriptures and writing in my journal at least once a week

remembering to say my morning and night time personal prayers

take the time to do my hair and put on make up before work everyday and before school in the evenings

remember to eat 3 nutritious meals a day and cut out sugary or high calorie snacks

meditate for a few minutes every morning and before bed