my new balancing act

busy woman


I have been in school for two weeks now and so far I am doing okay.  I worry about it getting harder and me getting to the point where I can’t pass the tests anymore.  I am especially worried about the math I’m going to have to take because I am pretty lousy at math, even basic stuff.

Yesterday I taught primary.  Or rather, I sat in the class while my team teacher taught.  I was a little disappointed in how impatient she was with the children in the class but I chalked it up to her having a hard week.  It’s a big class with several age groups in it so it isn’t going to be the easiest assignment in the world but I think it will be okay.

There are things I have to do for work, now that I am assistant manager, that take a lot of my time and concentration too.  One of the things that is difficult for me to do for work is to put together the activity calendar.  I worked on it last night but still didn’t get it done.  I have to come up with outings we can do with the clients at work.  December is a difficult month because special needs Institute stops on the 10th and doesn’t start back up until January so I have to come up with even more activities to fill the Institute slots with.

I am grateful for good friends, that give me support during the hard time, especially my best friend, Kim who has been very supportive of me going back to school.  I think he believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself.

I feel like life is one big balancing act right now and that I need to get really good at juggling my time.  But I know I can do it, if I include the Lord in my endeavors.