My decision



It was a hectic week, I had an employee get hurt on the job and she ended up missing work for several days, I had a lot of meetings after work and even one on Saturday , I had to drive the transport route which didn’t leave me a lot of time for the other work that needed to be done and my children were complaining that I was not home very much. This all happened on a week that I was out of school for the  1 1/2 week summer break. That’s when I decided I really needed to make a decision of whether or not I would stay in school. So I made the decision to drop out.

It was a decision that I did not make lightly. It took a lot of thought and prayer and agonizing but in the end I felt like my family was suffering and that I was having a hard time maintaining my emotional health by doing all the things that I have been doing.

I told one of my employee’s that I dropped out and she said “You used to be my hero before you dropped out!” I knew I would get comments, lots of people in my life have told me not to drop out but in the end I had to do what was best for me and my family.

So I vow to go forward without regrets and to trust that I made the best decision for me.