My Angels

From time to time in my life, God has sent Angels to comfort me and strengthen me in my toughest times.  I have never summoned for these angels myself but many times they have come when I have needed them.  Last night in the midst of of very long and lingering depression that I have been in, My husband and son gave me a blessing and in the blessing I was told that I could call upon my angels to visit me and comfort me whenever I needed.  I am not sure why I didn’t know this before but I never considered the fact that I could ask them to come.  angels

Last night as I lay crying on my bed, I asked Heavenly Father to send my angels just like the blessing said I could and I was comforted enough to be able to sleep for several hours (Unfortunately I was still up a lot in the night) but I slept more than a typical night.

Today I am hoping to summon my angels to attend work with me because work lately has been very difficult.  There has been a lot of drama and I am worried that I am not doing as well at my job as I should or could be so I am hoping that my angels can bring me strength to bear the burdens placed on me at work and because of my illness.