Movies and Christmas

Last week, something happened that almost never happens, We went to two movies at the expensive theater all in one week and to make it even better these movies were paid for by my husband’s work.

The first one we saw on Thursday was Hobbit and then last Saturday we saw Frozen.

I found hobbit to be very slow moving in parts. Even my husband started to drift off in the middle of it. This is typical for me and fantasy or science -fi movies but not the case with him. I also didn’t like the ending as it sort of just ended without a resolution of any kind.

Frozen was better but sad. I kept telling myself that it would have a happy ending even though I only knew that because it was Disney otherwise, with how it was going I couldn’t be sure. My children over both of them though.

Last night of course was Christmas Eve and we took the kids to see the lights in temple square and around City Creek mall. It was much warmer than last year and I enjoyed myself immensely. Today has been a lazy but happy day. The kids all got dell tablets and have been totally entertained all day.

I feel good. I like feeling good and I M glad I’m not in a depression this holiday season.