Love thy neighbor as thyself

love thy neighbor


I haven’t always had good neighbors.  When we lived in apartments, it seemed like there was always at least one neighbor that was hard to get along with.  Some were down right vicious.  However, ten years ago, when we moved into the condos that we live in now, we had mostly great neighbors.  I currently have what I consider to be the best neighbors living next door to me right now.  Angela and her family moved in a few years ago.  We hit it off right from the start.  I thought she was the best neighbor anyone could ever have.  Over the past few years, I haven’t had any reason to change my mind about her or her husband.  They have helped us countless times with many different things.  They were always super happy to help and most of it has been their idea rather than us asking first.

Yesterday morning, as I was driving off to work, I saw Angela outside weeding her flower garden.  I teasingly yelled out to her, “You can do mine next.”  When I arrived home from work later that day, I was so surprised to see that my flower beds were completely weeded and my patio area was cleaned up.  When I thanked her later, I remember her saying that even though she knew I was teasing she thought how she would love to have someone do hers so she did mine.

I was thinking about the kinds of people I know in my life and I realized that almost everyone sets either a bad example or a good example of how to be a good neighbor.

A few months ago, my manager at work approached me asking me to be her assistant.  She had to get approval first but she said she really wanted me to do the job.  One of my co-workers, started spreading rumors around about me in hopes that my boss would decide not to promote me to the position.  Her attempts, however, failed because yesterday I was given the position.  My co-worker was visibly upset by this news when my boss told everyone today and she told everyone that if the boss was going to hire someone with “as many emotional problems” as Kimberly she was going to quit.

So I am sitting here wondering “what kind of neighbor am I?”  Am I closer to the kind of neighbor Angela is, or am I more like my co-worker? I know I am not as good a friend or neighbor as Angela but she is the one whose example I want to follow.  She is who I want to be more like.  Today I am setting a goal to love my neighbor as myself.