Learning to take care of my physical body.

take care of your body

Lately I have been so tired all the time.  I have had many medical tests done to see what is wrong with me but everything says I am within the normal range.  This fatigue that I have been experiencing has me worried because I am trying to get in to school and I am working full time.  If I continue to be so tired all the time it will make my personal goals for myself even harder to obtain.

Saturday afternoon I heard a talk in General Conference that made me realize that I need to change some habits I have.  This talk was by Elder Jorg Klebingat.  He talked about being spiritually confident before the Lord.  One of the things he discussed in his talk was taking care of our physical bodies.  He said “Your soul consists of your body and spirit, Feeding the soul while neglecting the body, which is a temple, usually leads to spiritual dissidence and lowered self esteem.  He went on to talk about how feeding our bodies properly and getting exercise is important to our spiritual well being.

As I looked back on recent events, I realized that I do not feed my body properly and I neglect getting enough physical exercise because I feel too tired to work out.  I sometimes go all day long without eating anything.  I rarely if ever, eat breakfast and then usually go all day long without eating anything until the evening meal.  After work, I am so hungry that I often snack on unhealthy things.  At conference time I usually evaluate how I am doing and set goals to do better,  This year I decided I need to do as Elder klebingat says and take care of my physical body.  I need to exercise daily, eat breakfast every morning and avoid sweets and fats so that I can be less tired and more spiritually confident before the Lord.  I feel that if I do this, I will be more able to do well in school which I am very nervous about.

I know it’s only the first day but last night I went to bed early and today I got up early, exercised and ate breakfast before we had our family scripture time.  There are other goals I have set as well but taking care of myself physically is one thing that I have neglected to do for far too long and that is what I want to focus on for the next few months.