Learning to receive

My son, Alex seldom does his laundry and more often than not he has nothing to wear to church on Sundays. I am one of those mean moms who makes her kids do their own giving-and-receivinglaundry rather than do it for them. Because he doesn’t do his laundry or keep his room clean or his clothes picked up, he ends up most of the time wearing old, worn out clothes to church. This makes other people think that he doesn’t have good clothes to wear or that we are too poor to provide him with nice clothing.

I have always had a difficult time receiving help from other people. I am not sure why it is so hard for me and I know that in order for others to be able to serve someone needs to be willing to receive that service. So when a lady in the ward, who struggles financially bought a new pair of Sunday pants for Alex, I had a difficult time with it. I think mostly because I was embarrassed that he dresses that way and it makes people think my children don’t have nice clothes and also because she doesn’t have very much money and we didn’t really need the pants because he does have good Sunday clothes to wear.

Don’t get me wrong, I am really quite grateful for her willingness to help us like that and I know it was probably a sacrifice for her to do it but for some reason, I am having a difficult time learning to receive. I think it’s often times easier for us to give that to have others give to us. so that is my quest for this week; to learn to let others serve me.