Happiness is real friends who care!

Today was a tough day.  I had tried fasting yesterday for 10 hrs and today for about 6, plus I didn’t sleep at all last night and I accidentally missed a couple of my pills for a few days in a row.  I am acting supervisor at the Adult activity and learning center where I work and things have been going kind of wrong in the past couple of days.

I came home from work exhausted when I was given some information that just became the last straw.  I started to cry and feel sorry for myself happiness is friendsand feel like I couldn’t deal with life when a member of the bishopric came over to talk to my daughter.  He saw that I was really upset and the next things I knew, he and the other counselor in the bishopric were bringing over ice cream and movies to cheer me up.  Not only that but my RS President was there to comfort me as well.

I felt all alone and so depressed and it wasn’t so much the ice cream or movies that made it better as it was knowing that I have people in my life who really do care about me.

Thank you Brother Monson, Brother Allred and Sister Deem!