In the 1995 Movie, Sabrina with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond, Sabrina’s mentor says the following about a crush Sabrina has “Illusions are dangerous people. They have no flaws”I think that I have illusions in my life.  People who I have put on a pedestal and in my mind they can do no wrong.  I agree that those illusions can be dangerous especially for one’s mental and emotional health and in relationships.

I heard another quote not to long ago that goes like this: “Never make a priority out of someone who feels that you are only an option.  This is especially true with these Illusions in our lives.  The people who have no flaws who we are attracted to for some reason or another.  Today my goal is to let go of the illusions and the people who only think of me as an option and concentrate on the people in my life who truly love me and make me a priority.  The real people whom I love.


I made an illusion in my life a priority and since I was just an option to him, I was hurt in the end.  Another mistake to learn from.