It’s just another day in paradise

One child slams that door and the other screams and I think “wow what a relaxing evening this is turning out to be”  It all started when I got home from work and reminded my almost 14 year old son that he agreed to clean the kitchen while I was at work and he was home for President’s day from school.

This infuriated him for some reason and he started screaming and throwing himself on the floor.  I asked him to go to bed and he immediately started to angrily clean the kitchen.  I begged him to go to his room but he continued to rage out, this time grabbing a rag and furiously wiping down the counters.

Because he was so angry and upset, he didn’t notice the water boiling and in his rage, knocked it over and spilled it all  over his arm.  The screams that came from him at that point were piercing and violent.  I was able to get him to calm down long enough to get some cold water on it but the rest of the night he was in agony.  calgon

Add to this the hormonal ranging older, 16 year old sister who evidently was not getting the attention she needed and the 19 year old brother who thought it would be funny to tease both his younger siblings and it made for a terrible non-relaxing night for me.

So one child is screaming, the other is slamming doors and being angry over some unknown irritant and the oldest is cracking jokes that makes the screaming and door slamming louder and worse.

So as the words to Love at home, flow through my brain, I wonder if Calgon really can take me away and how much it would cost to get a Valium drip in the kids bathroom faucet.

Even after, lots of first aid to what appears to be a second degree burn, Alex’s arm is blistering and he is still screaming, Grace is still raging about who knows what and all I can think is: “I guess it’s just another day in paradise!”