I believe (More randomness)

I believe

I believe that being female and between the ages of 13-19 is or should be a recognized mental illness by the psychiatric association of a America.  It can simply be called teenage girl.

I realize that I don’t deal with her the best all the time but sometimes it really makes for a difficult morning especially when the other two teenagers in the house (ages almost 14 and 19) are acting up as well.

I believe thoughts, feelings and beliefs can be changed but I also believe that it is not an easy process nor is it an over-night process and that sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

I believe that I am getting stronger everyday especially with with my driving and navigation skills but I also believe that it isn’t that noticeable to other people.

I believe that some people make better friends than other people and that its better to be alone than try to persuade someone to be your friend when they obviously don’t want anything to do with you.

I believe that being a work outside of the home mom is probably the hardest job anyone can ever do.  I am just glad that I am doing it with  the help and support and love of my husband instead of as a single parent.

I believe that if I don’t wrap this up soon I will be late for work.

Have a great day everyone!