He’s yours, keep him.



I work with intellectually disabled individuals, and one of the individuals I support often asked me if I am married and when I say yes he follows ups with “He’s yours, keep him!”  I have never thought much about that until now.  I have actually been giving it a lot of thought in the past couple of days.

Sometimes when you have been married 20+ years you start taking that marriage for granted.  I think about what my client said and realize that even though he most likely didn’t mean it that way, I have to work hard to keep my marriage functioning on a high level.  I can’t take my marriage or my husband’s love for me for granted.  It will take both of us continuing to work at it to make it last another 20 or more years.

I love this man with all my heart and I want my marriage to last forever and not only that but I want my husband to be happy with the marriage and satisfied with who he chose to be married this long to.  I will make sure that I don’t take him for granted.  I will include God in the relationship and I will remember that he’s mine and I need to keep him.