He hears My prayers

I attend Institute with my special needs clients twice a week.  Though the lessons are basic and geared for those with intellectual disabilities.  It seems that I learn a lot from these classes.  Today, the Teacher showed us a clip of President Monson talking in Conference (not sure what year) about prayer.  The Institute teacher, Sister Glahn, asked us the following questions:

When has someone prayed for you and it helped?

When have you prayed for someone else and it helped?

I thought about this a lot.  There are too many times to remember them all and to many to single any one of them out.  I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who hears and answers my prayers.  I hope to continue to develop a relationship with him.

Year ago I wrote a poem that goes like this:

He hears my prayers
He hears my prayers
the Lord my savior
hears my prayers.
He opens the door
whenever I knock
He guides my footsteps
where ever I walk
He loves, He leads
He teaches all
He picks me up when I fall
He eases all my daily cares
The Lord my Savior hears my prayers!

I have a testimony of Prayer.  I know that Heavenly Father wants us to pray and will answer them.  Maybe not the way we want but definitely in the way that is best for us.