Goals for the week

park city resort
I just got back from a mini vacation where I went to Park City to stay in a resort condo with my husband for our 21 st wedding anniversary.  We went Thursday afternoon and stayed until This morning.  Since it was really close by we came back to Orem on Saturday afternoon, picked up the children and let them join us for the last night. While we were there, we swam, hiked, biked and shopped.  after the kids joined us, we visited the Olympic museum in Olympic park and let the kids swim in the pool at the condo.park city

I had a really great time and the whole time I was there I tried not to think about having to come back to the real world where I had to deal with house work, kids, and my job.  I did worry, today a little though that I was going to have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after such a great time alone with my husband.

I know I have written about this before on my blog but I need a reminder to myself of things I can do to feel happier.  But as I continue to learn how to choose happiness; This week I will set the following goals:


Pray- first and foremost, I have to remember that I cannot do it alone without God’s help.  No matter how lofty or grand my expectations
might be, without praying and enlisting his great love and support, I cannot be successful at being happy or choosing to be in a good mood.

praying girl


Smile.  I noticed the simple act of  smiling can lift my spirits until it’s no longer a fake smile and becomes a real expression of how I’m feeling.

smiley flower


Personal Scripture Study-Even though we read the book of Mormon every day as a family, I need to read and study it by myself as well as the other scriptures.  Today when I struggled with keeping myself in a good mood at church, it was looking up hymns on happiness and the scriptures listed by them that really got my mind focused and kept me from feeling down.

Exercise-  Even though it is so tempting most days to skip the bike ride to work or lay in bed rather than be active, I have found when I exercise, I feel happier.  While on out mini vacation, I used the fitness room, rode my bike and did lots of walking and some lap swimming


changing my thoughts:  When I feel a negative thought coming on, I will change it to a positive thought and think about
something happier.   I will also replace my fear thoughts with that of faith and my anger with that of love.

positive thoughts