Finding Solace

I go to therapy every week at a local hospital.  I found that there is a chapel in that hospital that anyone can use.  In the Chapel in front of each pew, is a kneeling pad.  I spend a few minutes kneeling in prayer after every appointment.  yesterday, however, I discovered that they also have a prayer roll that you can enter names in on the alter in the chapel so that those names can be prayed for.  I put my son’s name on the prayer roll and then I prayed for every one on the prayer roll.  I found solace in this and decided that i would do this every week after my appointments.

I was also thinking today how much I love my job.  I haven’t always felt that way about this particular job but lately its been awesome.  I love to go to work.  i think its because of my new boss and the people I work with but also the people we care for.  I feel like I’m really helping people and it brings gratification to me.