Drama Queen

drama queen

I have decided that I am a huge drama queen.  I react to situations and then find out the facts behind said situation.  I did this last night when I misinterpreted something a friend did. I then overreacted, said things that I shouldn’t have and then had a horrible night because I was thinking the worse in everything.

It’s funny how at work I don’t do this, I have had comments about how I do not bring drama into everything and how great of sense of humor I have.  So why then, can’t I do this in my personal life as well?  I guess this is just another of the millions of things I need to change about myself.

However, It really isn’t an easy change since I have been in the habit of this behavior for most of my life.  Sometimes I wish I could take back the mistakes and hurts I have caused because of my drama queen moments.

But for now, I just pray that my friends and family accept that this is who I am and are patient while I try to change.

drama queen certified