Kimberly Debbie 001Today I would like to talk about my friend Debbie.  Debbie is not just    a  friend she is a mentor, second mother, surrogate sister, confidant and the best friend I have ever had.

I have hurt Debbie, both purposely and without realizing it and yet she still stays around and I will never figure out why.

Debbie is the kind of person who puts others first.  She is loving and caring and very very compassionate.  I am not like that at all.  I am in fact the opposite. but I am a better person when I listen to and heed Debbie’s advice.  She is the person I most want to be like in the world.  My hero so to speak.  She is beautiful on the inside and out.

She and her husband have been in the ward with me for around 8 years.  they have both been good friends to our family.  She is the one person out side of my family who I trust and love the most.

She has the most amazing smile that lights up any room.  She is almost always happy and always goes out of her way to spread that happiness to those around her.  She is a good mother and grandmother and loves her family very much.  that is evident whenever she talks about them.

She is very spiritual and knowledgeable about the gospel.  She spreads God’s love wherever she goes.  Her testimony shines in her eyes.   I just wanted to spotlight her today because she is my hero and the person I would most like to emanate in my life.  thank You Debbie for being there for even though I have not always been there for you.  Thanks for loving me when I feel unlovable and thanks for being my friend no matter what!  I better end this now because the tears are getting out of control.


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