Date Night

Since the beginning of our marriage a little over 20 years ago, My husband and I have made a habit to have regular date nights. I can’t say that we have had them every single week in the past 20 years but we have been as consistent as you can be and still have life get in the way.

We have had to be creative some times with our date nights as we have periods of time (all too often) when finances get in the way. We have learned that picnics in the park, drives up the canyon, temple sessions, walks and a movie and popcorn at home are every bit as good as a nice dinner and movie in the theater.

Tonight, we found that a local high school’s drama production team was doing a concert of Alan Menken Music (He is the one that does a lot of the music for Disney. It was a bit strange going to a high school our children don’t attend to see a free concert where no one we know was participating in it but it turned out to be a blast.

This high school group sang and acted as well as any college preforming arts group I have ever seen. The music made me want to come home and have a Disney Marathon night. It was also nice to get away from the fighting teenagers.

I really enjoyed myself and the company was awesome (What can I say? I love this guy I’m married to)