Creative ideas

A Question was proposed to me today that goes like this:  Is it possible to respond creatively to life’s challenges instead of falling into depression or despair?  In answer I thought I would think of creative ways to deal with the everyday stresses and challenges that come my way:


sing or listen to a favorite song

read or tell jokes

write my feelings down

color or draw a picture

write a poem

Play the “If I were” game: Ask myself”If I were …” how would I address this challenge? I could be anyone: a millionaire, Tiger Woods, anyone. –

Compare feelings to objects, shapes or colors such as; If my sadness were a color it would be__________write about it

Use random input  : Choose a word from the dictionary and look for novel connections between the word and my problem.

Mind map   possible ideas: Put a key word or phrase in the middle of the page. Write whatever else comes to mind on the same page. See if you can make any connections.

Pick up a picture. Consider how I can relate it to my situation

Get someone else’s perspective: Ask different people what they would do if faced with this challenge. You could approach friends engaged in different kind of work, a spouse, a nine-year old child, customers, suppliers, senior citizens, someone from a different culture; in essence anyone who might see things differently.