My weird Confessions

I have been reading a lot of “weird Confessions” from other people and decided to list a few of my own:


weird confessions


I hate wearing bras so much that sometimes I take it off at work and stick it in my purse.  I have only done this a couple of time and only at the end of my shift when I am getting ready to do my transport route but I feel like doing it alot!

I can’t ever do relaxation techniques that require me to imagine myself lying on a cloud because no matter how much I try not to, I always imagine falling through.  If the relaxation is imagining a calm lake, river or ocean, I can’t do that either, the water is always stormy and dangerous.

When I try to count pretend sheep, they always run away or gather in large groups that are hard to count.

I love buying shoes; I hate wearing them.  I have over 25 pairs of shoes most of which I never wear.  As soon as I get home from church or work the bra and shoes come off.

When I read romance novels, or watch chick flicks, I always imagine myself as the main (female) character and if it doesn’t end the way I like, I make up my own ending.

sometimes I fantasize that my miscarriages didn’t happen and that I have kids that no one knows about–I imagine raising them, I talk to them and I can even see them sometimes.

I can smell things that aren’t there, when I am watching tv  or reading about a fire or someone cooking or something else that has a smell, I can smell it.  If it is something I am allergic to, like smoke, I actually start coughing and have a difficult time breathing.

Sometimes I think that people are mad at me or mean to me even if they are not and then I can’t get it out of my head and I think it really happened.  I get angry with them for no reason and they wonder what they did wrong.

Sometimes, if I really try, I can get rid of pain temporarily just by imagining that it is a tangible item, I give it a color, shape and size and then imagine taking it and throwing it away until it is gone.  This does not work with headaches but it does work with most other pain but it takes a ton of effort.

I am terrified that I am going to be fired from my job even though there is every indication that my boss likes me and thinks I am doing a good job.  When others get disciplined or fired, I always think I’m next.

Sometimes, I have dreams that are so real that I can’t convince myself that it was just a dream and didn’t really happen.

I am very ticklish but I hate being tickled more than just about anything, so I pretend I am not ticklish when others try to tickle me, I control the urge to laugh or show any indication that it really tickles.

I feel like being fat is worse than just about anything else.  I would rather be sick or even dead than be fat.  I feel that being too skinny would be way better than being too fat and I feel like I am fat and wish desperately that I wasn’t.

I have been keeping a secret from everyone I know and I want so desperately to tell someone but I am too afraid.

I like to eat cheese with honey and salt on it

I talk to myself and sometimes I answer; I even argue with myself and sometimes I win.  I especially do this in the shower or if I am driving alone.

I can’t sleep if my legs and feet are touching each other, I have to put a pillow or blanket between them.

I can’t sleep if I don’t brush my teeth first.  It wakes me up to have gritty or dirty teeth

I chew my hair

I play the alphabet  game by myself inside my head while I am driving.  Sometimes I play it backwards.  I also read every bill board and sign sometimes out loud.

I break things when I am upset.  If I am in a bad mood I avoid sections of stores that have glass or fragile items because I want to break them all.

I won’t allow myself to have more than 35 friends on Facebook at one time.  If you are a friend of mine on Facebook it means I trust you.

I sometimes wish I was a dog or a cat and imagine what it would be like  if I was.