Changes are a foot at work

As most of my readers know, I work for a company that supports and cares for those who have intellectual, mental and physical disabilities.  I work in a day care setting take care of about 13 individuals.  Right now I transport up to five on any given day in my own car from their home to day service and back.

Today I was informed that since our current van driver is quitting that I get to take over the van route.  I am very nervous about this newest development as I hate driving and especially am afraid of driving a big vehicle.  the up to my taking over the van route is that I won’t put as much wear and tear on my own car the down is that I need to learn a new driving route and get comfortable with driving a large vehicle.

This could work out well for me in the end as it could put an end to my fear of dribing and make currently weak things (or in my case self defeating fears and limitations) strong things.  I have always had a hard time with change and I am probably over thinking this and working myself up over nothing but sometimes the fears and limiting thoughts and beliefs I have can be almost paralizing for me.  white van

In self help support group I used to attend on a regular basis, I learned a technique called spotting.  It is from The Recovery International Inc group and was written and developed by someone by the name of Abraham Lowe in the 1930s

Tonight I am going to write some of those spots on my anxiety of having to do this new thing at work.

Situation:  I am having to start driving the van route at work and this is causing anxiety

Thoughts:  This scares me to death
I am worried about backing up
I am worried about learning the new route

quit my job
refuse to drive the van



Heart pounding
change in breathing
head throb

I can do things in part acts then endorse for each act
I can do hard things
I am a capable individual
Feelings are not facts. They lie and deceive and tell us there is danger
when there is none.
Objectivity terminates a panic.(Stick to the facts)
Spot on facts, Drop danger and Endorse.
Comfort is a want, not a need.
faith is the opposite of fear
convictions and certainties can be discarded and credos can be changed.
anticipation is nothing harmful, but it must becalm and not fearful.