I can hear a bomb ticking but I can’t see the bomb I can feel the pressure building but can’t find a cause I can see the smoke billowing when there isn’t a fire how do I make it all go away?

Just like you

I’m just like you I have times when I’m happy and times when I’m sad I relish the good and avoid the bad   Am I just like you? Are your lows this low? Are your highs this high? Are your feelings so intense that you just want to cry?   I work hard and pray hard … Read more…


  Sometimes feelings aren’t real They feel like facts but they arent Sometimes things aren’t as they seem But its hard to believe all that Its hard to know whats real and whats not Its hard not to believe what we feel Its hard to trust what we don’t understand Or to know what truly … Read more…

Hurts to be me

Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurts? But the answer is always no, Have you ever wanted to be somewhere you just can’t ever seem to go? Have you ever loved somebody who never loves you back? Have you ever felt such great despair? Like you are always on the wrong track? That’s … Read more…


Why did you stop loving me? Why do you no longer care? Why did you leave me so fast? When I need you why aren’t you there? by Kimberly

New Challanges

Its starting tomorrow I wish it wasn’t so but I have to have courage to get up and go to face the new challenges that are placed in my life and have the faith I need to survive by Kimberly

Another Test

I saw you today you smiled at me and things started to seemed like they used to be I remembered a time when we were friends and we could talk for hours on end But i realize now It is all pretend the friendship we had finally came to an end and though I will … Read more…

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