Bad Day


Today was a bad day.  I didn’t really try to hard to make it better either, It was almost like I wanted to feel bad.  Even though I don’t think I did.  I didn’t do recovery spots on it until now but I was told it’s never too late to spot on a situation.  So here goes everything:

Peace over power. Friendship over force.
Humor is our best friend, temper is our worst enemy.
Return of the symptom is not the return of the illness.
There is no spontaneity without relaxation and no relaxation without spontaneity.
Have your symptoms but don’t make an issue of them.
… motionless sitting, gives instant relief which at first is brief, but then lengthens and lengthens and produces a real sustained relief.
Some symptoms are distressingbut not dangerous.
Be the patient patient.
It’s only thoughts and beliefs, that create nervous symptoms
At times we can lower our standards to good, plain and poor average.
Comparisons are odious. Either it makes us feel better than others (exceptionality)
or worse than others (fearful temper).
Spot the extremism
Face, tolerate and endure.
Highlight your gains and blindspot your failures.
Temper is an intellectual blindness to the other side of the story.

I also found a website that lists the ways to change a bad day into a good day It’s here:


here is the list:

1. Take a shower

2. Jump up and down a few times

3. Get dressed, put on some makeup

4. Turn happy music on, loud.

5. Call your husband, mom, or a friend just because.

6. Make your bed.

7. Pray.

8. Have a snack. Have a meal. Make a protein shake.

9. Take your vitamins.

10. Go outside. Take a walk around your yard. Kick a ball around.

11. Let the sun from a window pour over you.

12. freezing? Put your coat and boots on and RUN outside. Run back in.

13. Take a break from social media.

14. Instead of gossip or bad-mouthing, think of 5 nice things to say about them.

15. Set a timer. In 15 minutes you will do X. In 20 you will do X.

16. Organize something small and dedicate yourself to finishing.

17. Exercise. Get your kids to join in and try not to giggle at them.

18. Challenge yourself not to yell, or only speak in a pleasant tone. (Sarcasm is sometimes acceptable.)

19. Get down on the floor and play. Build a fort with your kids.

20. Read a story. Add silly voices.

21. Cuddle someone.

22. Get off the computer. Stop checking your email.

23. Find 5 beautiful things in your home. Find 5 things you love about your home.

24. Run to the store.

25. Take fun, cute, and silly pictures of yourself. Get the kids in on it.

26. Make something. Get crafty. Bake something.

27. Smile big for no reason and keep smiling. Even if it feels annoying.

28. Plan dinner and get it all ready to go. If early enough, throw something in the crockpot.

29. Archive everything in your email inbox.

30. Ask your kids to tell you jokes.

31. Laugh. Laugh a lot. Laugh really loud.


Some of my own to add to the List:


32. Make a list of what you are grateful for

33. read or write a funny poem or story

34. give yourself a manicure or pedicure

35. give yourself or have someone give you a foot massage

36. play with a pet

37. Put together a challenging puzzle

38. brush your teeth

39. color your hair

40. finger paint


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