At least It’s still beating

I heard someone talk about being in a really scary situation where his heart started pounding so hard that he couldn’t concentrate or focus on anything else.  While explaining the situation, he said something that stuck me.  He said “All I could think about was at least it’s still beating”

My son and I both experience very bad anxiety where sometimes we feel unexplained heart palpitations that impede us from functioning the way we are expected to.  In fact, both my son and I have been feeling this a lot lately and neither of us can figure out what is causing it.

When I go through these bouts of heart palpitations and feelings of dread the last thing I think about is how lucky I am that my heart is still beating.  However, I am thinking that maybe I need to start being grateful for my pounding heart because it is a sign that its still working.  I’m trying to work on being grateful for trials and in trials but it’s been a difficult thing for me to learn how to do.  I feel like hearing this person say that he was grateful that his heart still beats was something I needed to hear in order to work on this particular goal.  heartbeat