Anxiety Girl

Anxiety Girl


Anxiety is an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behavior.

This is what anxiety feels like to me:


Situation: I accidentally stumble across anti-Mormon literature on the web but keep reading and going to other sites that have similar content

Thoughts:  “What if the church isn’t true and I am teaching my kids a lie”

“Oh no, I have to leave the church and then Kim will leave me”

“I can’t stand this, I am so worried”

“Just thinking about this makes me an apostate”

Impulses:  Tell everyone I am leaving the church

worry about becoming an apostate



Feelings:  fear, worry, anger, stress

Sensations Heart palpitations, insomnia, head throbs

The next morning I wake up and wonder why I got so upset.  “Of course I am not leaving the church just because others have decided to leave and then write about it on the web.  My testimony is too strong for that!”



Situation:  My boss texts and asks if I know anything about the damage on the back door of the company van.

Thoughts: “oh no, I don’t remember doing any damage to the van but it’s probably my fault

“I am going to get written up or fired”

“I wonder how bad it is, I am sure everyone suspects me.”

Impulses       call and tell her it wasn’t my fault

call and tell her it probably was my fault

work myself up over the consequences that will come from it


Feelings:   worry, fear, anger, stress

Sensations:  Heart palpitations, inability to concentrate, inability to sit still,