Angels and Gasoline


angelic clouds

I have angels in my life, both the heavenly and the earthly kind.  Yesterday I had a miracle from one of those angels.  We have been struggling a bit financially this week with trying to pay all the bills, get the kids registered for school and all the other things that life demands.  We were completely out of gasoline in both vehicles and I was worried about making it to work and the other places required for me to travel to and from and one of our angels left two 5 gallon cans of gas in the back of Kim’s pick up truck.  I am so grateful for those people in my life who listen to the spirit and help when it is needed.  They truly are my angels and I love them for all the good they do.  A few gallons of gasoline may seem like such a small thing but it made me realize that my Heavenly Father does know my needs and send angels to meet them.  Today I am grateful for my gasoline angel!gasoline