A Spa Day!

spa day

I have never had a spa day before so I was pretty excited when my husband bought me a gift card to Season Salon and day spa for Christmas! At first, I really wanted to get a spiral perm in my hair and I was excited about being able to do that. However, when I got to the salon, the hair stylist looked at my hair and was too afraid to perm it since it was already pretty damaged. She talked me out of a perm and instead, wash, dried, trimmed and curled my hair for me.

After the haircut, I went into another part of the spa where I got a pedicure with gel polish. The woman who did my pedicure was very nice and I enjoyed it very much. It came complete with a foot massage and sugar scrub.

After that, I went in to have a full hour long body massage. The room was relaxing and the massage felt so good. I finished up with a manicure. It was a very relaxing day and I am grateful to my husband for thinking of me and giving me such a great gift!

Seasons Salon and Spa