A New Chapter

new chapter

Six months ago, I became the coordinator of the day program at my job. I was really excited and very nervous to start the position and I wondered if I would do well at it or not. It started out fine and Things seemed to be going well but then suddenly a lot of things happened and I felt very overwhelmed, under appreciated, anxious and worried that I would get fired. I got written up and threatened to get written up.

I thought about stepping down as coordinator and going back to being a DSP. I prayed a lot, and thought a lot and worried a lot about what to do. Then before I knew it, I got called into my boss’s office and asked to step down. Suddenly, I was flooded with emotions. I was relieved but I was also feeling like a failure at the same time. I wasn’t sure how it would be to go back to being a DSP with the people I had supervised over. Mostly I was embarrassed.

I did a lot more praying and thinking and worrying until I decided to quit my job. I put in my two weeks notice before I got a new job and I worried about that too. My husband kept assuring me that he had prayed about it and felt that I was making the right decision and would find a new job. I prayed for a job with equal or better pay, less stress, daytime and weekday hours (not weekends or nights) and somewhere I didn’t have to drive people around or change diapers. Six days after I put in my two weeks notice, I was offered another position at a different company with similar pay, no weekends or nights and no driving or changing.

I feel okay about everything that has transpired. I still sometimes over think it and wonder what I could have done differently to still be a coordinator, but when I relax and think about where I am, I realize that the stress just wasn’t worth it. This job should be a lot less stressful and that is a good thing for where I am in my life right now. I am ready for this new chapter in my life.