College Bound?

I am thinking about going to college but I am nervous about trying to hold down a full time job while juggling school and kids all together.  I know people do it all the time but I’m not much of a student anyway so it just makes me nervous to try to juggle all these things.  I have never been nor wanted to be the super mom who does everything.

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So today I am to look at a college and check into financial aid with a counselor and see if maybe this is something I want to try and do.  Frankly I am needing a change as far as my job/career is concerned and I need to make more money so that I can help out more with finances at home.


Here are some of the concerns and anxieties I have about school:

-I am always so tired, adding something to my schedule is going to make me even more tired and it will be hard to do everything required of me.

-I am worried that I will not be smart enough or able to study well enough to pass my classes.

-What if I can’t get financial aid, will I be able to pay for it and what if all I can get are loans and I have a hard time paying off the debt later?

-What if I can’t find a job that uses my degree when I am done?

-Can I keep up with work and still be there for my family if I am always trying to study and do well in school?  Will I miss the important things that the kids have going if I take night classes?

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Advantages to going to school

-I will have faced my fears and that will make me stronger and more confident.

-A possibility of a better and higher paying job

-I will learn more skills, become more marketable and feel better about myself (I guess this is basically repeating number 1 and 2 on my list.)

– It will set an example for my children to go to college and that they can achieve what they set their minds to achieving.

_it will give me a goal to work towards and a way of bettering myself

College Just Ahead

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