What do you Believe?

Do you Believe?

When my oldest son was just a little boy we tried to do what most parents do; which is teach him about Santa Claus.  However, it didn’t take very long until he was questioning everything.   He asked how he came down a chimney when we didn’t have one.  Why doesn’t he come to poor kids?  How do reindeer fly and the list went on and on.

That was when my husband and I made a very unpopular decision.  My husband was never crazy about what he called the justifiable lie of Santa and said that he wondered what else his parents lied to him about when he found out that Santa wasn’t real.  I had even heard people deciding that if Santa was a lie than Jesus was too.

So we made the decision and told our children that Santa Claus was mom and Dad.  We taught them that there was a man who delivered toys to the children in his village every year many many years ago, and we studied about him  and how the whole Santa Clause idea came into existence.

I have known of people who have taught their children not to believe in Santa but they kept their kids totally sheltered from the whole thing.  We decided to tell them that it was fun thing that some people choose to believe in and we even let them take pictures with Santa as youngsters.  We told them not to tell their friends who believed because it would spoil it for those who wanted their children to believe in him.  every knee

People have been real negative about it.  Most almost view it as child abuse.  They think that it takes the magic of Christmas out of the holiday for the children.  My children however, have not been cheated out by knowing “the truth”  In fact, they all say that they are glad we told them about him and didn’t have them believe in a myth.

I believe the real reason people get so defensive about it is because they think I am judging them or telling them how to raise their kids which I am not.

I in no way am saying that everyone should do this.  I am just fine with however people want to handle Christmas with their children but since Santa really isn’t the reason for Christmas we have felt that teaching them of Jesus and not Santa was more important and works for us.

There have been many times when “secret” Santa has left gifts on our door step and then the true meaning of what Santa stands for, the spirit of giving was revealed do this with their children.  I think when I tell people I do this that they get upset because they feel defensive as if I am telling them how they should be or judging them in some way

I believe in Santa.  I believe that he is a symbol of Christ, an example of giving and loving unconditionally and a spirit of hope.  I just don’t believe that he is a fat man in a red suite that jumps down chimneys and has flying reindeer.  I believe all of us can be Santa by spreading the true message of Jesus Christ and a feeling of peace and hope.

 What do you believe?